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Anticipated Album release date December 2013.  This album is a reflection of Sarge Tha Dame unique skill toward todays New Hip-Hop Era. 


12/ 2013


7 Points-of Mind-Training

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Tha Dame

Dame Flame

SARGE THA DAME home is based out of Grand Rapids, MI 2 hours and 30 minutes away from Detroit, MI, the birthplace of Motown.  She is thought of as the "Hip-Hop" reverb of Motown's humble beginnings, which helps give her a foundation to build on.  From a modest beginning, SARGE THA DAME is starting to grow to become a worldwide name.  Her business philosophy is based on the idea of making the artist and her music #1 for fans.  The goal is to bring SARGE THA DAME's flow of enlightenment to the world.


The secret of success in the music business is to give the people what they want and they want everything:  a diverse assortment of good-quality music, sound and guaranteed satisfaction.  All of this artists music is "HIP-HOP" certified and come with "head banging", "show stopping", "breath of fresh air" quality. 


It is with great pleasure and honor that I have the opportunity to present my music to you.  SARGE THA DAME is more than just an artist.  She is a voice that need to be heard across the world that brings motivation, determination, and with my gift a guaranteed long lasting impression.  I'd like to thank you in advance for your time and attention- Enjoy!